I recently saw programme on television all about buying and selling properties. The thing that struck me was that many who are looking to buy can’t quite see the potential of the property they happen to be viewing and so they miss great opportunities. Sometimes it’s easy, a lick of paint, new carpets, minor furnishings, and sometimes it requires real vision like moving walls and building extensions. 

It occurred to me that developing a growth mindset is a bit like redecorating a house.  Whether it is a new coat of paint or building extensions, we always have choices to make in our personal as well as business lives, and our overall mindset can greatly impact those choices. Like looking for property we can decide to look for the obstacles and miss opportunities or we can choose to see the potential and develop. Often, the obstacles that capture our focus, although very small, seem massive, and other times they aren’t much more than a nuisance. By cultivating a growth mindset however, these obstacles can always be overcome. 

The skill to create a “growth mindset” in our teams and business culture is key to performance, and it all starts with meaningful conversations. As business leaders, the conversations we have with our teams can have a major impact on their individual mindsets and that of the overall business. It is our responsibility therefore not only to set the example, but also to help to develop the ability to see the potential in all situations.  When we create a culture of growth and encouragement, we open our entire business to possibility.  When looking at a team with this perspective in mind, we remove the threat and anxiety that many may feel because of perceived pressures, and most importantly, we open communications and create a culture of shared knowledge instead of silos.  

I once heard someone say that Potential is like a room behind a locked door. How many of us stand staring at that locked door in our mind? …knowing if we unlock it and step inside we may or may not like what we see. When we are in a fixed mindset, we worry about change, we worry about failure, and most of all, we focus on the obstacles. As long as we leave the door locked and stay out of that room, we can avoid what we imagine is on the other side.  As long as the door is locked we don’t actually have to challenge ourselves to do anything! It is the growth mindset that is the key to that locked door. 

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? 

Open the door and step inside!   

Potential awaits!

Property Hunting and Growth Mindset